Evaluation 8

I have posted my final cut to YouTube and have sent it to most of my Facebook Friend who could give me useful feedback. I have taken screenshots of some of the feedback that I received from people on Facebook. Mostly the feedback I received was positive with multiple compliments about the ‘creativity’ and ‘variety of shots’. I am happy that people have picked up on this as one of my main aims was to use a variety of shots to creatively show the different titles with the film.

I also filmed some media students to have a more critical approach on my movie in terms of the use of key areas in my movie and the techniques that I’ve used.

Finally, these are the stats of the views of my final edit on YouTube and the location of the viewers.

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Evaluation 7 Task 1

On this post, I filmed myself speaking about what i’ve learned and achieved this years since my prelim task in terms of Media knowledge, movie making and the key areas. I also spoke about the my inspirations and researches that I’ve done.


When I complete my Prelim task at the beginning of the year I had a quite limited knowledge about movie about filming editing or anything related to media. I started this year in the little group with ferdy and scot with who I worked on the planning production post production and evaluation but scott had to drop media so we moved on with the amir.having a group of helped me to for many reasons first of all for the group tasks I could always rely on them when I have any problems any questions and also individual tasks we guys could inspire selves more work. In the research and planning first of all I learned a lot of useful stuff in media like oral diagram or other narrative theories I also learned the key elements of the genre I was working on which was Film noir. I also did a lot of research on similar movie and I did many audience research is to base my production on. I also did to text you analysis and the opening of the movie called Scarface which was released in 1932 this movie had big impact on my tears of an opening scene. If you go back to my Prelim task I could really notice the different shots that I used in the technique that I used to film it because of all the knowledge that I’ve learned with cinematography results and then the other key areas when I look at my final project I could see the improvement. I also learned a lot about the use of sound and score in the movie which was a big part of the work in the editing in the production and this made a big difference since my prelim task. In conclusion I could say that I that I’ve learned many different skills in terms of production in media knowledge.

Evaluation 6

In this blog post, I explained what kind of technology I used to construct this product in terms of technological gear or digital applications. To realise my production, I had to use a programs and movie making utensil in which I had no idea how to use. However, with time, I learned how to master them and helped me a lot to realise what I wanted from y my production. In this prezi representation I explained what did I exactly used, why did I used apple and how my skills developed. I used prezi because it would make the message more clear.

LINK TO THE PREZI FILE: https://prezi.com/sarz7z2hb0lf/evaluation-5/


Evaluation 5

In this post, I’ve reposted my final edit on Youtube, but this time, I used tags to annotation some shots and explaining why these specific shots would attract my targeted audience with the use of the key area. This could give you a better image of how and and why I organised the cinematography mise en scene and editing in the movie. below we have the video edited followed by screenshots of the 9 tags that i’ve added to it. Each tags shows the key element that I’m describing in the scene and I Explain how they are key for the representation in my movie. I used the editing section of turbo to insert the bubbles.


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Evaluation 4

On this picture, I represented a perfect example of
hipster.jpgmy audience member. With the genre that I use to make my movie, my main target  audience is the  male people in there late teens especially ‘hipsters’, young adults and of course older people that had these movies in cinemas at their time. After consulting the website http://www.uktribes.com, I understood how to make the choice of my audience members. By reading the different categorizes, I found that the one that would match with my type of movie is the DIYers.


The main reason why teenagers and young adults are watching these types of movies is that they are curious about the techniques or storyline used for them. As they say on the website, their lifestyle is labeled as ‘indie’ which stands for independent, out of the mainstream. This is the case for Film noir movies today.

I also chose older people to be my main target of audience because Film noir movies were made in the 1950’s which matches with their teen ages. Below, food, drink and music that my audience listen to, to give deeper informations about them. I did a good analysis on my target audience because it will help me to chose the way to produce my movie and distribute it. It would be then easier for my audience to see it.

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Evaluation 3

In this post, I used once again a prezi presentation to speak about why I chose the logo and the name of my production company. I also explained what a production company is made for and how is it important and I spoke about the distribution part of my movie and finally, how my movie could attract a production company. I can also add that choosing the right production company is crucial because it has to be expose to an audience that is interested in the genre o my movie.  Below, i’ve posted a slidshow of my prezy and the link of the actual file.

LINK FOR THE PREZI FILE:https: //prezi.com/wsk5kwb2macw/the-logo/

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Evaluation 2

In this post I’ve done the Director’s commentary. For this, I used iMovie in which I recorded myself and posted some shots to give a visual explanation to what i’m saying. In this video, I explained how the different key areas in the movie are related to the two main representation that I was working on which were Male and Class representation. I did this commentary to give a better explanation of why I used the different key area through the movie. the commentary was done right after the final editing, so I had a fresh memory of the key moment in these two opening scenes.